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This weapon's rate of fire depends on which vehicle is chosen, however it is very fast, regardless. It is quite weak and innaccurate.


Particle Beam


A moderately powerful weapon which shoots in a one shot burst in a straight line. Unlike the minigun, it hits its target immediately.


Carpet Bomb


A very powerful weapon consisting of miniature exploding shells. However, the bombs are fired a determined distance until they reach the ground. They are the only weapon in the game that can be shot over a wall.


Auto Missile


A moderately powerful weapon that rapidly fires missiles, which quickly travel to their target in a straight line


Homing Missile


A powerful weapon which locks on to its target and attempts to follow until collision. However, these missiles travel slowly and have a low rate of fire. They can also be dodged if the target uses evasive maneuvers.


Guided Missile


A slow moving missile that when fired is controlled with the left and right arrow keys to reach its designated target. The speed cannot be adjusted and the launcher of the missile is left vulnerable to enemy fire.


"the BFG"


A very powerful weapon which drains the health of the enemy when it comes near, even if it does not strike a target. After the order of fire is given it takes time to charge back to full before another shot can be released. This is a very destructive weapon that can take out more than one enemy in a single blast.


Land Mines


A destructive charge that can be placed on the ground for enemies to foolishly drive over. They are most useful in the Capture the Cow mode.

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